EMILE : Enseignement d'une Matière Intégrée à une Langue Étrangère



August Ferdinand Möbius (1790–1868) is a German mathematician.

A Möbius strip (or Moebius strip) is a surface obtained by sewing together two sides of a rectangular strip with a half-twist.

  1. Make a Moebius strip.

  2. How many sides has this circular hoop? How to prove it?

  3. How many edges? How to prove it?

  4. Make a small hole in the middle of your strip and cut off all along. What about the sides? The edges?

  5. Do it again with that strip.

  6. Create another strip with 2 half-twists. Has it the same intriguing properties about its sides and edges?

  7. Search the Internet:

    1. Pictures dealing with the Moebius strip;

    2. Artworks of Escher;

    3. Pictograms;

    4. Uses of Moebius strip in industry.