EMILE : Enseignement d'une Matière Intégrée à une Langue Étrangère

Objectives: Discover, in-depth study, share


  • Groups of 2

  • Topics chosen in conciliation with other students

  • Use your own devices: computer, tablet, smartphone for video

  • I will help you! Explanations, hints, ideas, advices,…


  • Preparation: as long as necessary for you. I estimate the duration at 6 weeks.

    Oral presentation: at least 10 min: 5 min each

Skills assessed:

  • Duration

  • Charisma:

    • Dynamism

    • Loud enough

    • No notes

    • Speech organization between members

  • English language:

    • Logical words

    • Mathematical vocabulary accuracy

    • No French words

Presentation structure:

  • You can add points but not skip one!

  • Add pictures, illustration, figures

  • Do not forget to mention sources

  • Presentation must be sent to me by e-mail

Theme #1: Spherical Geometry

  • From Euclidean Geometry to Non Euclidean Geometry: an history of Euclid’s Axiom

  • Main properties of spherical geometry

  • Spherical coordinate system

  • Geodesics

  • One exercise to submit other students

  • Code in Python to calculate geodesics

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Theme #2: Logic

  • An history of Logic: from Aristotle to Leibniz, De Morgan, and Boole

  • Statements, quantifiers, compound statement, negation

  • Symbols

  • Truth Tables

  • Many examples for each concept

  • Excursion exercises

Theme #3: Curves Overview

  • Cartesian coordinate system:

    • Classical function y=f(x) (Maths Dance)

    • Classical functions with parameter y=f(n,x). Family of functions

    • Parametric function (x(t), y(t))

    • 3D curves: z=f(x,y)

  • Polar coordinate system

  • Fractales:

    • Most famous fractales

    • Software presentation, demonstration



Theme #4: Numeration

  • Different types of numerations:

    • Tally marks

    • Place-value system

    • Non place-value system

    • History of arabic numerals

  • Binary numeral system:

    • Count the 16 first binary numbers

    • How to add 2 binary numbers

    • Multiplication

  • Exercises for other students

  • Code in python: conversion of binary in decimal and vice-versa.

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