EMILE : Enseignement d'une Matière Intégrée à une Langue Étrangère

Stars Pentagon

  1. Trace lines (AB), (BC), (CD), (DE) and (EA).

  2. (AB) and (ED) intersect at point F. Find F.

  3. The point of intersection of (AE) and (BC) is point G. Place G.

  4. Point H is where lines (AB) and (CD) cross together. Trace H.

  5. Lines (BC) and (ED) have one common point, it’s point I. Place point I.

  6. (CD) and (AE) cut across point J. Place J.

  7. Trace rays [KA), [KB), [KC), [KD) and [KE).

  8. These five rays intersect respectively the circle at points P, Q, R, N and O.

  9. Trace the decagon (ten-sided shape) called FPGQHRINJO.

  10. Color this figure to your liking.

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