EMILE : Enseignement d'une Matière Intégrée à une Langue Étrangère

Activity #1

Activity1 Fig1

Here are 4 steps of construction of a specific figure. It's like a stop motion movie. Each numbered step matches with one instruction. What is the first one?

Ο    Trace a triangle rectangle named ABC.

Ο    Trace a right triangle named ABC.

 What is the next one?

Ο   Trace the circle of center B going through point A. Place point I at intersection of BC and this circle.

Ο   Trace the circle whose radius is AI.

 What is the third one?

Ο   Draw the parallel line to AB.

Ο    Draw the perpendicular line to AC passing by I.

 What is the last one?

Ο    The parallel to AB going through I intersects AC at point J. Place J.

Ο    This perpendicular line goes through point J. Find J.

Activity1 Fig3

Now, it is up to you to imagine instructions in order to get the number-4 figure. What would be the first one?
What segment has been added in step 2?
Point E is at intersection of which lines?
In step #4, how is line EF with respect to line DC?

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Activity #2


We are going to draw a geometrical figure, step by step. You have to find which instruction is given to see the blue object

Step 1

O    Trace a line.

O    Trace a square.

 Q2 01
Q2 02

Step 2

O    Trace a point.

O     Trace a point C.

Step 3

O     Trace a circle cutting the line in 2 points.

O     Trace a circle going throuhg point C.

O     Trace a circle whose radius is C.

O     Trace a circle whose center is C. It must intersect the line at two points.

Q2 03
 Q2 04

 Step 4

O     Name D and E the intersection points of circle and line.

O     Place D and E.

 Step 5

O     Trace circle whose center is C and radius CD.

O     Trace circle whose center is D and radius CD.

 Q2 05
 Q2 06

 Step 6

O     Trace circle whose radius is CE and center C.

O     Trace circle of center E and radius EC.

 Step 7

O     Place F.

O     Place F at intersection of two circles.

O     Place F as symmetrical of C with respect to line.

 Q2 07
 Q2 08

 Step 8

It's up to you to write the next instruction.

 Step 9

I took my square set and check that...

O     line CF is perpendicular at the first line.

O     line CF is perpendicular to the first line.

O     line CF is perpendicular on the first line.

 Q2 09
 Q2 10

 Step 10

Finally, what can we do from one point, and one line, and all these steps.

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Activity #3

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