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x, y, z

/ˈɛks/ , /ˈwaɪ/ , /ˈzɛd/

½ ; 3/2 One half; Three halves

/ˈɛf ɒv ɛks/

1/3 ; ¼ ; ¾ On third; one quarter; three quarters
α, β, γ

alpha, beta, gamma

5/6 Five over six; five sixths; five in six


3/100 ; 7/40 One hundredths; seven fortieths




Operation Result Link 10² ten squared
Addition Sum


To add up


ten cubed

Subtraction Difference


To subtract

To take

ten to the power of three
Multiplication Product


To multiply by

ten to the third power
Division Quotient Divided by ten power three
√x Square root of x

Types of numbers


Large numbers

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Digits, numerals, figures, symbols used for writing numbers 2,000,000=2.106 Two million
{0, 1, 2, 3,...} Integers, whole numbers 3,000,000,000=3.109 Three billion
{..., -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3,...} Relative integers 4.1012 Four trillion

Decimal number, decimals

Three point fourteen

5.1015 Five quadrillion


  • Symmetry with respect to an axis
  • Translation with respect to a vector
  • Homethety of center A and ratio 3
  • Rotation of center A, angle 32°, (anti)clockwise
  • A' is the image of A by symmetry respect to line Δ



Droite Line
Demi-droite Ray
Segment Segment
 Médiatrice Perpendicular Bisector
Bissectrice  Angle bisector
 Hauteur  Height
 Médiane Median
 Rayon Radius
 Diamètre Diameter
 Compas Compass
Équerre Square (set)
Rapporteur Protractor

 Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes

Mathematical Notations

... and so forth   ū u bar
Therefore, so, hence  line Line AB

Because, since  vector Vector AB

End of proof ∠ABC Angle ABC
= Equals to, is equal to ΔABC Triangle ABC
Does not equal to, is not equal to ∈, ∉ Is element of, is not an element of
Almost equal to, is approximately equal to Ø Empty set (O slash)
< Is less than Set of real numbers
> Is greater than  Arccos  Arccosine, inverse cosine
Is less than or equal to  Arcsin  Arcsine, inverse sine
Is greater than or equal to  Arctan  Arctangent, inverse tangent
gcd(a, b) Greatest Common Divisor  [ (  bracket, parenthesis

 Useful Expressions

Règle de trois Rule of three
Produit en croix Cross multiplication
Algorithme d'Euclide Euclidean algorithm
Division euclidienne Euclidean division
Retenue Carry
Reste (division) Remainder
Programme (informatique) Program


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