EMILE : Enseignement d'une Matière Intégrée à une Langue Étrangère

Vocabulary and Examples:

 One-point perspective Two-point perspective Three-point perspective
 1pt Sylvia 2pts Raquel 3pts triangle
1pt Hayli  Theresa 3pts Max

Activity #1:

On white paper, draw an horizon line, place only one vanishing point on it, write a short word in squared letters above or below the horizon line, and then trace segments from each corner of letters toward the vanishing point.

1pt MATH Geogebra

Activity #2:

Using this 3D-grid, choose one visible side of the cube and draw a letter with squared edges. Then choose a thickness for the 3D letter thanks to the 2 other sides.

Activity02 4


All students in the class agree on a single sentence with as many letters as they are. Each student will be responsible for drawing a letter of this sentence that will be posted on a wall of the class.


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